Holistic Therapists Australia Inc.

Formerly the Australian Association of Holistic and Transpersonal Counsellors Inc.
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The HTA Brand

If you're a member of the public looking for a psychotherapist you're entitled to know what stands behind the HTA 'brand', what sets us apart.

As HTA members we:

  • respect and treat the client as a whole person, not as a symptom or diagnosis;

  • engage the client's innate tendency for personal growth in the therapeutic process;

  • recognise the client's healing process as in essence a sacred task worthy of deep respect.

    In order to undertake this therapeutic work, HTA members have undertaken rigorous training of a very specific nature, that:

    • engages them in a process that not only instills key practical skills but also

    • is personally transformative in nature, releasing their healing capacities, and which

    • develops their ability to form the high quality client-therapist relationships that underpin their effectiveness as professional practitioners.

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