Holistic Therapists Australia Inc.

Formerly the Australian Association of Holistic and Transpersonal Counsellors Inc.
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  Handbook (Code of Practice  and Constitution)

  Brochure : AAHTC_brochure.pdf

  Code of Practice

Members of the association are bound by a Code of Practice that defines the standards of professionalism that must be applied to any client-therapist relationship. Breaches of the Code render an association member liable to disciplinary action. The Code of Practice therefore forms the principle basis on which a client may raise with  the AAHTC a formal complaint against a member for non-professional conduct. The Code of Practice can be downloaded here

  Privacy Principles

The Code of Practice makes it clear how confidentiality is fundamental to the client-therapist relationship.  In addition, both clients and therapists need to be aware that there are certain matters relating to client/patient records that fall under State/Territory/Federal legislation.  For example, in the State of Victoria client records are governed by the Victorian Health Records Act 2001.  Other jurisdictions will have complementary legislation that fulfills the same purpose of defining the what, how and why of personal health data collection; how it should be maintained; and the rights that clients have to obtain access to their data and other records. The principles that apply under Victorian legislation can be downloaded here

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